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Confessions of Community

Community Mission
  • A Community for God (Glorious worship)
  • The reason God created church on earth is to duly glorify God Himself.
    Therefore church is a community which worships God according to its original purpose. SaRang Church pursues worship
    community where every one of us worships God with all our lives.
  • A Community for the world (Feast; Lost Sheep Return)
  • A church is a gathering of disciples sent to the world after being called as God's people and as the witnesses of Jesus Christ.
    Both church workers and ordinary church members should remember that we are all called to preach the gospel up to the end of
    the world. There are no other missions
  • A Community for churches (Full growth which Jesus expects it to be)
  • The reason God granted us churches is that we who are saved from the darkness will fully grow as God's decent children.
    SaRang Church is a mother-like place where God's children are trained and helped to grow to be mature Christians. ion

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